… so it begins.

On December 21, HostGator had a tongue-in-cheek “End of the World” sale, celebrating the day when so many had claimed the Mayans thought the world would end. I’d been meaning to grab the pdwaterman.com domain for a while to use for blogging and otherwise tooting my own horn providing information about myself.

Well, now that more than a month has gone by, I’ve finally decided that it’s time to start putting up some entries. For now, I’ll simply be using this domain to do some simple blogging. Most of it will probably be technical in nature. Since I’m a Linux geek, the majority of it will be Linux related, although I may occasionally divert into things like the Asterix PBX, Perl, XBMC, etc.

My goal right now is to get a new blog entry up on a weekly basis. We’ll see how well that goes. 🙂

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