Red Hat Linux 5.2

In a break from my Fedora 18 Installer review, I thought I’d share something that I found this week while cleaning my computer room. This was tucked away in a pile of old CD’s:

Red Hat Linux 5.2

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Your immediate reaction may be “So what? Yeah, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is now up to version 6.4, and 5.x is up to 5.9, but 5.2 isn’t really that old.”

Take a closer look. That’s not Red Hat Enterprise Linux. That’s plain old Red Hat Linux, which was discontinued in 2003 and replaced with the Fedora Project. Red Hat Linux 5.2 was released in 1998, and has since been superseded by 27 releases of Red Hat Linux and Fedora.

If I recall correctly, I bought this particular CD set off the shelf at a Best Buy as a late Christmas present for myself in early 1999, and installed it on an old 100 Mhz Pentium (yes, megahertz, and yes, the original Pentium processor) system that I had lying around.

Inside the package

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This particular package included the Red Hat 5.2 distribution on one CD (yes, the whole thing fit on a single CD), and a second CD containing source RPMs. It also included a third CD that had several e-books in Adobe Acrobat format (Maximum RPM, Red Hat Linux Unleashed, Special Edition: Using Linux, and Sam’s Teach Yourself Linux in 24 Hours).

Man! What a blast from the past!


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  1. SandyDC

    Speaking of finding old things, I ran across your old HD program a while ago, and sent it on to Mark to play with. He has gone back to “school” to get the animation degree he wanted, in case you didn’t know.


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