Biting off more than one can chew…

The astute reader may realize that it’s been several weeks since my last post, and that my detailed review of the rewritten Anaconda installer in Fedora 18 has not been going anywhere particularly fast. The even more astute reader may realize that Fedora 19 was released today, making the completion of that review something of a moot point.

A couple things I’ve learned so far in my foray into blogging:

Good, detailed blog entries take time.

If you think that you can write a quick blog entry on a complicated subject, think again, especially if you’re a detail oriented person like I am.

I initially took about two pages of notes and twenty screen shots of my Fedora 18 install experience. I figured I could churn out a one or two part blog post based on that in a few hours. After spending something like eight to ten hours on the first three parts of the review I realized that it would probably take me at least another three parts and a roughly equal amount of time to complete the review. This kind of put a damper on my enthusiasm.

Real life has a tendency to interfere with blogging.

If you have kids, they tend to have a lot of activities lumped together at the end of the school year. Then summer means they’re home all the time, and if you work from home a lot that creates its own problems (“Dad! Can you help me with…”). And, of course, if you change jobs and suddenly find yourself on the road about half the time working 10-12+ hour days, blogging suddenly drops way down on the priority list.

I’ll be taking small bites.

Going forward, in the hopes of actually getting back on track with my original goal of posting something once a week, I’ll be taking small bites. Perhaps I’ll share a hint about a favorite Unix/Linux command line trick, or briefly talk about some new toy, like the Ouya that I just got.

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